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Married? Check. 2.5 children? Check. House? Check. White picket fence? Does brown privacy fence count? Check.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Here Comes Christmas

Well Christmas is around the bend. Soon it will be time to "decorate" the house. I have already had to inform my children that "No, we are not the only house in the world that does not have Christmas lights up yet." The next question, and the one that continues to come is, "When are we gonna put the lights up?" To this question I have a slew of answers, "When I get a chance to go out into the garage and find them." , "When the snow starts to fall.", "When I get the chance to pull them out and check them.", "When everyone else in the world has theirs up, and you know where freezes over." O.K. so the last one is usually what I am thinking not saying. Regardless, they are all ploys to put off what I know will eventually be the task at hand. It is not that I do not like to decorate the house for Christmas, it's just that I know it will take twice as long, or longer, to put it all away. And that all the enthusiasm that the kids had in helping put everything out will suddenly disappear when it is time to put everything away.

All of the Christmas boxes are packed away safely and neatly in our garage. They are all labeled and easy to find and pull out. So why all the fuss? Honestly, I am not sure. For some reason I am already feeling the pressure of the holiday ahead. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas and getting together with all the family. But something about the tension that seems to linger in the air this time of year gets to me. It did not help that the day after Halloween my girls found the one and only station on the radio that is playing Christmas music around the clock. My only hope is that they will tire of it form time to time and will want to turn off their radio. So far, no luck.

Oh well, time to go and check out the garage and see which boxes I will pull out to decorate with this year. Like I said it should not be that hard a task. Well, maybe after this cup of coffee. And I still need to clean the kitchen. I think maybe I should wash the floor. Oh, and I need to change over the laundry. Well maybe those boxes can wait till tomorrow. But then I'm sure I can come up with another list of things to do before going out to the garage. It's not supposed to snow anytime soon is it?

Friday, November 17, 2006

Yeah!! I got a comment!!!

I'm finding that I spend a lot of time trying to put the right words together in my blogs to make them interesting. I even have my husband read and edit them. I don't know who I am trying to impress. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I realize that more than likely (how many times can you use more in a sentence?) my husband and myself are the only readers. The chances of someone just stumbling on to this blog, and deciding to read it, are slim. First off they don't know me, and well, I'm not that interesting. Second, wait, oh yea, I'm not that interesting.

Still, that does not stop me from checking every now and again to see if someone has left a comment. On the off chance that some one does read this blog, I highly doubt that they will take the time to leave a comment. I do on the other hand have family that I can talk into reading it. I figured I could start by just telling them about the site, then move on to guilt tactics to ensure that at least someone in my family reads it. Then, one day to my surprise, I received my first comment!! My younger sis, Liz, came though for me!!

So there it is folks, right there under my first entry, my first comment. From my loving younger sis, Liz

Thank You!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

NO WAY!!!!

Ok, so I have to say this was a hard blog to name. I wanted to go with "c'mon drop the soap" but I was thinking na, that is way too crass. Not that I don't think he deserves this, many times over! So anyway, here's the story.

In collage Mike and I knew this guy named Allen. He was the type of person that the"secret knock" was invented for. He had the same computer as Mike and I did at the time, an Amiga, and thus we met. This was a rare occurrence seeing as most people had Mac's or IBM's (Some things never change! *SOB, SNIFF, SNIFF*) so we were excited to meet a fellow Amiga user. Once we met him, we knew we wanted to try to avoid him at all costs. He seemed like a nice enough guy at first, but then he got close enough to smell. If any of you are parents, you know what I am talking about when I say, the milk cup that you found hidden in the car for possibly weeks, in the middle of summer, is far better thrown away than opened. In this case, he not only opened the cup but carried it with him every where he went. I really can't explain the smell. The closest I can get is a mix of sweaty body order and sour milk. Still not quite bad enough, but close.

Anyway, in an attempt to avoid him we came up with a knock that we told all of our friends (ie not him). Most of the time this worked and we were able to avoid him, at least while we were in our rooms. Occasionally, however, we would forget and in he would come. We learned quickly to move any thing fabric away from where he might sit. His smell transfers!?! It was during these times that we learned that his personality was just as grating as his smell was noxious. As we became more diligent in avoiding him we slowly started to see less and less of him. Soon after Mike and I and a couple of our friends got an apartment off campus. We thought we were rid of him.

Fast forward to a couple of years later. Mike and I are married. I am working at the AMC movie theater at Briarwood mall. I had started as a concessionest, then a box office worker, then did projection. Projection was fun, but in the box I could read all day long, with few interruptions. On days that we were busy, two people worked the box, and we were so busy that time seemed to fly by. It was a very easy and fun job. So there I was, working in the box office, which was a Plexiglas box big enough for two people to work if they stayed in one place. I had just started to work my shift, all of which was in this box, when one of the managers told me I would be training a new box person. Ok I said. I figured it would be nice to have someone to talk to. I was wrong. Allen was my new trainee. After about 10 mins. of training him, I knew I was in trouble. The smell was overwhelming in such a small box. I trained him quickly, and asked to be put back on projection.

It was soon after this that I was made a manager. Not long after Allen started to work at the theater, people started to refuse to work with him in confined spaces. In an attempt to accommodate him and his co-workes he was made an usher. Still complaints continued to come. Soon it became apparent that someone was going to have to talk to him. Yup, that someone turned out to be me. Lucky,lucky,me!! So I called him into the office, and explained the hygiene issues that we were having with him. He came up with several excuses, and reasons why his order was inescapable. In the end, he agreed to try to do something "help". At times his smell was better, but over all, he was still olfactorally offensive. After a while he quit to go to a "better" job.

Several years later Mike and I bumped into him at Sears. He had become a sales person for the electronics department. Yes, he still had an order issue, just not quite as bad as before. He was happy to see us and wanted to know what we had been up to. At that time my oldest was 3, my middle was almost 1, and the third had not even been thought of. He commented on how beautiful our girls were, and told us about his coming to work at Sears. We talked briefly, then nicely made our excuses and hurried away. We learned to avoid Sears' electrical department as much as possible, least we be beset upon to hear more of his life story. One day he caught us and told us that he was going to be working elsewhere. Since that day, we had not heard from him, until last night...On the news.

So our old "friend" Allen apparently moved to Wayne county along with his collection of child porn. He was arrested last night after trying to solicit sex from who he thought was a 14 year old over the computer. Turned out he was talking to an undercover police officer trying to arrest child predators. All I can say is "Good work Wayne county police!!" And I feel sorry for the cell mate that has to live with him. No one deserves that fate!!! On the up side Allen will have use, hopefully daily, of a shower.

Don't forget to use soap Allen.

Friday, November 10, 2006

"I'm just a baby"

There comes a time as a parent when you hear your own words come back to you from the mouths of your children. Usually it is something that you only said at home in anger in the guise of "discipline", that as it was coming from your mouth you already could not believe you had said it. You know like, "Get in your room before I beat you", or "Oh my gosh, just be quiet" or "I should not have to tell you, you are a big kid and he is just a baby". Yes, you were thinking it, but thinking and saying are two different things. And of course, they say it at the most inappropriate time. Sometimes to you, sometimes to siblings, sometimes to friends...Always in front of the wrong person!!

So recently my 2 year old has started to tell us "I'm just a baby." After he said it two or three times, my husband asked me, "Where has he heard that? You know someone is telling him that. He did not come up with it himself." From the way he was speaking you could tell that he was implying that an adult friend of ours had said it to him, or possibly an aunt, uncle, or grandparent. Now, as earlier mentioned in the examples of what one says when all calm has left the building, I believe I have actually said something with those words in it. So now I am left with a choice. Tell my husband it was actually me who said it to him, albeit not in that context, or act innocent and pretend I haven't a clue.

In case you are wondering, I came clean and told him. We laugh about it all the time. We also work with our son to let him know that he is not, "just a baby" but that he is a big guy.

I'm not an I.T. person

So today has been a lesson in "code." I tried, I really did, to do this on my own, but an IT person I am not. Apparently you need to know a little about computer programming in order to change the text in the lay out. I used the "help page", and the "template page" like instructed on the "help page", but still I could not change the "links" section of my blog page. I even cut and pasted the suggested code from the "help page" and stuck it in the "template page" as suggested if certain code could not be found. Of course, I could not find the code. (Again, not surprising. Are you confused yet? 'cuz I kinda was!!) This done, I saved the changes to the template and republished the blog. There. I had done it. Now to view the blog page...Nope, no change. My husband, who is a programmer, came home and took one look at the template and said,"Oh, I see your problem. You quack, quack, quack here so that quack quack quack...And so now it should work just fine. And as you can see, it does.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

First time blog

So here we are, my first blog. Where to begin? I've read other blogs, they all seem to have something clever to say about some life experience. Well, I'm not sure if it will be clever, but I do have some life experiences that may turn out just this side of boring (I'm not saying which side though!) So here we go...

It is 9:00am and we (myself and my 3 children ages 2, 5, and 7) are all sitting in my bed room watching T.V. The top show for the moment is "Baby Einstein". My 2 year old fondly calls this tape "puppets" He loves this tape and has watched it many times. The thing that I find interesting is that they all like this tape. My 7year old will even ask for this tape. She says "I know Jay loves this tape and I want to watch something he wants to watch." but I can tell by the way she watches it, that she likes the tape just as much as her brother. If you have not seen these tapes, let me tell you, they are ingenious! They are movies of everyday toys and puppets set to classical music. That's it. There's no story behind the scenes nothing but a series of animal pictures, toy trains running on their tracks, wind up toys doing their thing, water and oil toys creating their patterns, and what seems to be the biggest hit, puppets turning to look at the camera. Certain puppets, like the dragon, inspire my 2 year old to yell, "mommy, mommy I scared. Dragon" then laughs his head off as the dragon opens his mouth and sticks out his felt tong to a "blagh" sound. Man! If only I had thought to tape my play sessions with my child.