From the White Picket Fence

Married? Check. 2.5 children? Check. House? Check. White picket fence? Does brown privacy fence count? Check.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Sick Again?????

Well Some how we did it. We managed to get well before Christmas, and then get sick again after. I am beginning to think we have a sick house. Everyone here has a cough of some sort. It started with Mike with a sore throat then moved to Jay with "pink eye." Then Jay started to get the cough and soon after I was coughing. Now Sarah and Lily both are coughing. What is going on here??!!?? It seems like we get better only to get sick again. I am starting to think that I may need to have our house tested. I am just so very sick of being sick! I have looked on line, and have found a few places that have "do it yourself test kits," but I am not sure that I want to do it my self, and miss something. Of course then the problem becomes the cost and the reliability of the company that I have come to do the test. I am not trying to bad mouth anyone, but I have a feeling that if more money is to be made, there is a good chance "something" will be found that will have to be "taken care of". Well I will need to come to a decision soon especially if we are all still getting sick.
On the brighter side, I have started a women's study. (Men should probably stop reading here.) It is a study on heavy bleeding during menstrual cycles and a possible medication that could be used to lower the amount of blood loss. It is an eight month study, if you are selected. The study requires you to use only the products that they supply during "that time of the month", that you see a doc. after each period and that you collect all of the pads, tampons, etc. that you use during that time. (YUCK!!) Did I mention that I will be getting compensated for this? Up to $900.00 for the entire study! It is a double blind study which means that neither I nor the researcher will know if I am taking the drug or the placebo. There will be an 80% chance I will get the actual medication and a 20% chance that I will get the placebo. I hope I get the medication, and that I will get some benefit from it as well as getting paid. What fun!!

A new era is reborn

A few days ago a couple of my daughters friends came over. They brought with them DDR3. I spent most of the day listening to them jump around and try to beat each other to songs like, David Bowie's "Lets Dance" and Kelly Clarkston's "Since You've been Gone." I was surprised at the number of '80s hits the game had on it. In fact the one song that the girls enjoyed playing the most was "Video Killed the Radio Star." It Started to feel like the first day of MTV as the song was played over and over again. The only difference was the added squeals of "I did it!" or "Oh no, I messed up again!" or just plain laughter.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Home Schooling

Today I was talking to a friend. She was explaining how she was looking forward to next year when her youngest would be in preschool. I have to admit, for a few minutes I was jealous. I thought of all the time she would have to do what ever she wanted to do while both her kids were in school. I thought..Man I wish I had some time away from the kids each day. I realized that I would not get that time a lone for quite a while, but then the more I thought about my personality the more I realized that a break from time to time would be great, but I would miss having my children if they were gone for long periods of time every day. I also know that I would hate having to drive them back and forth to school every day. The driving I don't mind, its the having to be there on time. I also feel like I would miss out on those moments when they first began to "get" the lessons. It really is neat when you can see your children starting to understand reading for the first time, or math concepts, etc.

At this point I expect to home school until the children are ready for high school. Will I do it? I hope so. I am constantly trying to make sure that the kids are getting all the information they need for each school year. But there are a lot of ideas as to what each child should learn, when, and how. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. So far my focus has been on math and reading with a touch of handwriting. With my Kindergartner I feel I am right on, but I sometimes wonder with my second grader. Next year she will start a new curriculum. It is more computer based and will cover more areas. I believe it will also help me with documentation of each grade level she completes. It will definitely be a learning experience for all of us.

So yes, I sometimes am envious of my friends who have time to do their own things while their kids are in school, but I really enjoy being there as my children learn new things, and start to understand new concepts. I know that a lot of people say that they would not have the patience to home school, but I think that most people could do it if they wanted to. It just doesn't seem as hard as people make it out to be. There is a daily amount of work that needs to be done and we try our hardest to finish it each day. Most of the time this is accompanied with a lot of crying and complaints of "too much work", threats and punishments and sloppy work, but it is not that difficult.... But then again maybe I am just fooling my self. I am all of a sudden jealous again.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Making Contact

Recently I decided to use the Internet to try and find some long lost friends. On the advise of several people I did a myspace search and an Internet search using names, old email addresses and old phone numbers. In the end, I was able to find and contact one person. Kirsten. She is a friend of mine from high school that I lost touch with when we went away to collage. I had actually seen her once about 5 or 6 years ago after I had run into her mother. At the time Kirsten was getting ready to leave on a missionary trip that was to last... I think 2 years?. Her mother was throwing going away party and invited me. It was great to see her. She was so excited to go on this trip. I got an address that I could write to her at while she was on the mission field. Unfortunately I am horrible at writing letters!!! I never did write her. I may have emailed a few times, but that is about it. Because of this we lost touch again. Anyway, I found her and I am looking forward to hearing from her.

I did find a few other friends old web pages and postings, but none of them seemed to lead anywhere. Although there were several interesting sites. One having to do with some kind of foam weaponry for sale, one filled with stories written by on old friend and one of his friends. That one is still kinda fun to go and read from time to time. I know that I have a working email for that person, but he never seems to write know who you are. And by far the most interesting was the old web page on sheep. I'm not sure that this page still is monitored by any one, it is a few years old, but there are a lot of interesting pictures. There were a few others, but not quite as interesting as these. Most of the people I searched for came up with unrelated web pages, or nothing at all. I was glad to have at least one work out.