From the White Picket Fence

Married? Check. 2.5 children? Check. House? Check. White picket fence? Does brown privacy fence count? Check.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Story's of our life

Recently the children started asking us to tell them stories of when they were born, when they were babies, and so on. This did not prove as easy as we thought. It's strange how easily one forgets things when put on the spot. I was amazed at how hard it was to come up with more than one or two stories. Mike suggested that I write some of these stories down. So I will. I will post these stories in a different color so that it is easy to tell what is a family story post and what is a general post. It will be interesting to see how much I can remember.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Starting to feel better!!!

Well, at long last I finally know why I have been so sick. It seems that this latest illness started out as a bad cold and over time turned into a sinus infection. The doctor gave me Amoxacillin on Tues. which I took for 5 days. On the night of the 5th day, my left ear started to feel plugged then hurt. I ended up having to sleep on a heating pad, and take lots of Tylenol to relieve the pain. So, on Mon., it was back to the doctor to see why I was not getting better. As it turned out, the sinus infection I had was resistant to the Amoxicillin and had turned into a double ear infection with blood behind the left ear. My antibiotic was switched to Biaxin XL (the XL stand for extremely large pill!) and an appointment was set up for me to go to a nose, ears and throat specialist two days later.

Of course that gave me just enough time to talk to several people and hear all the horror stories of how they had to have their ears drained and how the procedure was done. You know, just enough information to scare the beejeebees out of me! I had originally thought that I would take the kids with me. After hearing all the stories though, I made arrangements to have the kids stay with a neighbor and convinced Mike to use the last few hours of his comp. time to go with me. I was sure that the doctor would have to drain the ear and that I would have to be given some kind of sedative to keep from screaming and running wildly from the building. For those of you who do not know, I have an irrational fear of needles. I know it is irrational, and all the explaining, and chastising and anger makes no difference. I am still scared out of my wits when I know I have to get a shot. In fact I hardly slept the night before the appointmet because I was so worried.

We got to the doctor's office and I started to fill out the paperwork. At first it was the same stuff that you fill out at every new doctor's office. Then the tone of the paperwork changed. The questions about allergies to anaesthesia and whether or not the pain I was feeling would be addressed at my up coming surgery??!!??!. By then I am sure that the kittens I was having were starting to fill the room. Meanwhile, Mike sat there telling me not to worry and that it was not going to be that bad. He relayed stories about when he had meningitis and how he was no longer worried about needles. That I should look at it like "hey, anything to relieve the pain." I just wanted to look and him and say..."I have been through 3 c-sections and still have this fear. Your stories about how you are cured of any needle fear you may have had, is not going to help right now!!!(Sorry Hunny)"

I finished the paperwork and was called in to the exam room soon after. As we sat there waiting for the doctor I noticed some books , pamphlets really, about the ear. One was about ear infections and the procedures that may have to take place if the ear drum gets too much pressure behind it. Lets just say it was not the type of information one wants when trying to not get overly worked up. I pointed out to Mike this fact. In response he rolled his eyes and told me just to sit down and stop worrying. The sitting was not a problem.

The Doctor came in and introduced himself. He took a look at my chart then asked a few questions and jotted down my answers. He then proceeded to check out my nose, throat and finally ears. After the exam he told me that my right ear was clearing up, and that my left ear, though red and inflamed, was not that bad. In fact I think he said that the inflammation of my ear was what made it look like there was blood back there. He then told me to continue to take my antibiotic and that I would feel better soon. I think the flood of relief that hit me was palpable. In fact I would say I was almost giddy with relief. He then gave us my check out papers, said goodbye, and the appointment was over.

That's it. All that work up for nothing...thankfully. As we left Mike informed me that he never thought that my ear would have to be drained, but that he wanted to be with me for morel support anyway. I wish I had been that confidant.

It has been two days since my doctors appointment. I am starting to feel much better, although I still am quite tired at the end of the day. I have a cough and some congestion, and my ear is still plugged, but overall I feel much better. Hopefully by the end of next week I should be back to normal.

Whatever that is.