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Monday, June 09, 2008

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Revolutionary Girl Utena:
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Love – Romance, Mind Games
When Untena was a young girl her parents died. On that day a Prince came to her telling her to have courge and never lose her noble heart. He gently wiped away her tears with a kiss and gave her a ring saying that one day this ring would lead her back to him. So impressed by this prince Untena decided that she will grow up to be one herself.!? Several years have passed and Untena is now attending Ohtori Academy. She has become quite popular by the students and teachers due to wearing of a boys uniform so that she can be more like her prince. After Untena witnesses the abuse of one of her classmates by a boy from student council then has her best friend is insulted by the same boy, she decides that she must fight this boy for her friends honor and to teach him a lesson. Untena challenges him to a duel, and he accepts. He tells her to meet him in the “Rose Arena” and they will duel for the “Rose Bride”. Not understanding any of that, but agreeing to the duel Untena is swept into a series of duels to “Revolutionalize the World” and to win the “Rose Bride” Untena can barely remember that day or what her prince looks like, but she is determined to find him.
This Anime contains mild language, and though the first 13 episodes are pretty mild they get a little more intense from there. There are hints of homosexuality and incest, there are a lot of mind games played on the female characters sometimes of a sexual nature. I think the box rates this a PG-13, but I would still give it an R .

There are 39 episodes in this series.


Kanon :
Genres: Drama, Love – Romance, School Life, Game
Aizawa Yuichi has been to the city a few times in the past. But something happened seven years ago to make him block out the memories of that visit. Now he is back again and after settling in meets a girl with a backpack with wings on it. Something about her is familiar to him and slowly he starts to remember the memories he had lost.
This anime contains language. I give it a rating Of “PG-13”
There are 13 episodes in this series.

Gakuen Alice

Gakuen Alice :
Genres: Comedy, Drama, School Life, Shoujo, Supernatural
Mikan’s best friend is Hotaru. And thought they are nothing alike. Mikan is friendly, unsure and totally dependant on Hotaru. Hotaru shows no emotion, is confidant in her skills and is a genius. They play together and they go to the same school. Or at least they did. One day Hotaru sends Mikan a letter to let her know she has left to go to a new advanced school, but will return for holidays. This leaves Mikan feeling lost and alone. When Hotaru fails to keep her promise to visit during the holidays Mikan decides to go look for her. Before she knows it, Mikan is not only looking for her, but is enrolled in the same school. Finally the two friends are reunited, but is Mikan ready for the challenges of this “Advanced” school.
This anime contains language. I give it a rating of “PG-13”
There are 26 episodes in this series.

Tsubasa Chronicle

Tsubasa Chronicle :
Genres: Fantasy, Love – Romance, Humor
This is your everyday boy (Syaoran) loves princess, princess (Sakura) loves boy, but both are to shy to tell each other. On the day the Sakura decides to tell Syaoran of her feelings she is attacked and her memories turned into feathers and strewn across the dimensions. Sakura who has been knocked unconscious will die if her memories are not returned. Syaoran desperate to help her goes to the only person who can help, Yuuko, the time-space witch. Yuuko agrees to help Sakura, Syaoran and a couple others that have gone to her for help. Kurogane, a powerful ninja searching for the true meaning of strength, and Fai a powerful mage who is on the run from a sleeping ruler named Ashura. As a payment for her help Yuuko takes the one most important thing from each person. From Kurogane it is his sword, from Fai, his tattoos from which his most powerful magic resides, from Syaoran it is his relationship with Sakura, and from Sakura, all her memories that involve Syaoran. Yuuko gives them Mokona to open the doors between universes and to communicate with them when needed, and the four are off.
This anime contains language. I give it a rating of “PG-13” I liked this ine, but it did seem to go on a bit.
There are 52 episodes in this series.

Fate Stay Night:

Fate Stay Night:
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Supermatural
Emiya Shiro lost his parents in a fire as a young boy. Emiya Kiritsugu, the man that adopted Shiro, called himself a wizard. And though Shiro has tried to follow in his adopted fathers footsteps he has not done very well. That is until circumstances accidentally place him in the center of a battle between two masters and he is nearly killed. Suddenly a girl appears out of nowhere and saves his life. He is then forced to realize that not only did he summon her and is now her master and she his servant, but that they are now in a battle for the “Holy Grail” and their lives.
This anime contains violence and language. I give it a rating of “PG-13” I liked this one a lot as well.
There are 24 episodes in this series

Ayashi No Ceres :

Genres: Action, Adventure, Love – Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural, Psychological, Horror
On their 16th birthday twins Mikage Aya and her brother Aki are given a “party” by their grandfather. What they think is a birthday party is really a test to see if Aya hides within her the reincarnated spirit of an angry tennyo (heavenly maiden) looking for her hagoromo (robe the tennyo needs to get back to heaven) that was stolen from her by her husband generations ago. Aya does, and later has no recollection of the havoc she wreaks during the “party” nor that her alter self has recognized her twin brother as having the spirit of the husband that stole the hagoromo so long ago. Aya runs from the family that now is hunting her.
This anime has bloody violence, nudity and language. I give it an “R” rating. I really liked the story line in this one. Although it does get a little weird at times.
There are 24 episodes in this series