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Friday, August 01, 2008

Games Day

Well I did it, I went to Games Day with Mike. We started out at 6am thinking the drive is a 4and 1/2 hour drive and we would gain an hour since we pass into the Central time zone. We wanted to be there by 10am. What we did not count on was 1. Stops for coffee. 2. Stops for bathroom breaks (caused by coffee) 3. Traffic; once you hit the Chicago area it gets really backed up. Apparently it doesn't matter that it is the weekend. 4. Getting lost. apparently no amount of having the directions helps, if you don't stick to them. *sigh* completely my fault. We passed the street we needed I think only twice, but we still managed to get there an hour later than we had hoped for. Oh well, Best laid plans of mice and man.
I have to say it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. And WAY more NOISY. But I did get to see all of the entries for the golden daemon first hand. That was Neat! I am Amazed at the talent that is out there. I know Mike is a good painter. But there are definitely some great painters out there. There is a category called young bloods. It is open for painters age 16 or under (i think i got that right). From what I saw of them it wont be too long before there are even more amazing painters out there!
Mike entered 6 of 10 categories and made final cut in 2. One of which he won the Bronze, , the other he got honorable mention. Now Mike's paintings were good! It's just that some of the other entries were just that much better. Each category had anywhere from 10 to 30+ entries in it and there were very few that were poorly done. It is amazing to see these pieces right in front of you. It's also amazing to see the techniques that people use to make their mini stand out from the others. Colour pallets, highlighting, shadowing, light-sourcing, and the freehand. That in its self is a talent all its own. We must have walked around the cases looking at the entries at least 3 or4 times. I tried to take pictures, but the lighting there and plexi-glass cases do not mix.
There were all sorts of tournaments and whatnot going on everywhere. Games Workshop had some tables set up so that you could bring armies and play out some battles, there was a huge line to have a turn playing their new online game (we didn't try), some painting seminars, paint and takes, and a bunch of other things. Mike took in a seminar on new GW products, while I took in the quiet of not being in the main room and my new PSP game "The legend of Heroes". I didn't get too far into the game but it seems like I'm gonna like it. We also took some time and did a build and take that was offered. Ok, so I took some time, Mike had his done in like 5 min I think mine took like an hour or two. Which wouldn't be so bad, but it still sucked! *grin* Anyway we had a great day together.
We had also planed out this trip to be a business trip for Minis Realm. So we made t-shirts to wear for the day and business cards to pass out. I think we were successful. We not only passed out 60 business cards, but when mike got his picture taken for the bronze, he was wearing his t-shirt (not that you can really read it or anything. But we know he's wearing it!) At the end of the day we went out to Outback to splurge...I mean celebrate for dinner. It was really nice we were able to walk to the restaurant from our hotel. I think we were in bed by 9pm. It was definitely a long day! But I'm really glad I went. It was fun to watch mike grin like a kid in a candy store all day. Days like that don't seem to happen often enough.


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