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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Angelic Layer

Genres: School life, Romance, Game
High schooler Misaki Suzuhara has not seen her mother since kindergarten. At that time her mother told her she was leaving home due to work and did not know how long she would be gone. Truth was there was a problem with her leg and she wanted it to be fixed before she saw her daughter again. Now seven years have passed and Misaki is in junior high, old enough (12?) to go to Tokyo on her own to stay with her aunt and to visit her mother. On her way there she discovers that many people are "fans of” Angelic Layer, a battling game where electronic dolls called angles are used on special tables to fight out dules. This is also where she sees her first dule with the angle Athena, and becomes very interested in Angelic Layer. With the help and encouragement of an eccentric man, wearing a white lab coat and glasses, Misaki purchases her own angel and names her Hikaru. Though Misaki is new to Angelic Layer she is sure she can create an angle that is small and strong just like the angle she saw when she first arrived in Tokyo. Misaki starts school at the Eriol Academy and makes a few friends there. One of which is a Kindergartener, Hatiko Kobayashi, she is a Deus, a person that contols an angle , and an expert at Angelic Layer, and has an angle that is well know for being incredibly fast. Misaki also befriends Hatiko’s brother Kotaro Kobayashi and his friend Tamayo Kizaki, a girl fascinated by martial arts (both are in her class). Misaki knows that with all of her friends around her supporting her she can become a great Angelic Layer Deus and that Hikaru can become a great angle just like Athena, the Angle she first saw when she came to Tokyo. Misaki hopes that by doing this she will be able to show her mother just how strong she is and how much she loves her.
I give this a rating of PG-13 but only due to occasional language.
There are 26 episodes in this series


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