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Monday, April 06, 2009

Mei-chan no Shitsuji or Mei's Buttler

So, I recently changed my genre from anime to Asian drama. ( OK, I didn't completely change. I still like to watch anime.) At first it was due to a drama that I found called "Mei-chan no Shitsuji" or Mei's Butler. I was amazed and humored at how much like an anime this drama was. From the story line all the way down to the character interactions. This was highly amusing. And Yes, it was differently sho-jo. Wait, is there a different term for that with dramas? any way, here is the popular picture used for the drama.
This is a story of a young girl who, after her family's death, discovers that she is not only an heir to a huge family corporation, but that they will only recognize if she attends a school for the super wealthy and learns how to become a proper lady. At this school each of the young ladies has her own butler. It just so happens that Mei's butler is a "S" level butler, the best there is. Up until now Mei has never lived with money or privilege. This is apparent to all the other girls around her and they do not like it. Mei must find a way to win their respect, learn to have confidence in herself, and put her trust in her butler.
This is a fun drama. I definitely would recommend it for someone who likes sho-jo and also for the humor of seeing live action anime. I would rate it PG/PG-13 due to some mild language and some mild violence.

Two good sites to find links to watch this drama from are: and


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